work for us

My name is Ieda Bispo, and I am the owner of cup of tea, a company specialized in one-to-one English teaching.

We are currently searching for fluent English speakers who would like to teach. You don’t need to have previous experience teaching English, as we will provide you with training and materials.

We are looking for interesting people because we believe that having an exciting person as a teacher is one of the greatest motivational tools that a learner can have. Because of this, we value fluency over an educational background in English teaching.

Our teachers are people who love books, films, and music, and are passionate about talking about these things with other people. They are Internet-savvy people with hobbies who love to travel and learn new things.

We believe in the concept of coaching in which the learning process is a partnership between the student and the teacher with responsibilities for both sides.

Our pay scale is higher than the average of most English schools because we believe that teacher quality is what matters most when it comes to teaching.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested. Send your résumé to